A lot of sun exposure

Discussions on what sun damage is and how to avoid it.
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A lot of sun exposure

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When I was younger I spent hours in the sun with just minimum protection. Now years later my skin look pretty good except for some sun spots, actinic keratoses on my forehead and the left side of my cheek. A derm who looked at my face told me that I may have some of these sun spots that are below the skin that might rise to the surface. They are undetectable yet. I wonder if there is anything other than freezing and that horrible fluorouracil cream that would take care of my problem without messing up my face.
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Re: A lot of sun exposure

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I've had too much sun exposure too when I was in my teenage years - tennis, jogging along the beach at Santa Monica, and sun bathing. I also used fluorouracil, the 0.5% cream called Carac. It's bad but not as bad as the Efudex 2 and 5 percent solutions. These can really mess up your face for about three weeks. They do get rid of the visible keratoses though.

Read this long article about photodynamic therapy - http://www.medicinenet.com/photodynamic ... ticle.htm#. This might be the way to go if you want to take care of all the visible and even underlying skin damage. If you do decide on PDT, it's probably best to have it done under the supervision of a dermatologist rather than that of an esthetician.

I hope you're staying out of the sun these days. As you get older the skin becomes more sensitive to the rays of the sun.
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