No to gluten, dairy, sugar etc, but yes to goat cheese :c)))

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No to gluten, dairy, sugar etc, but yes to goat cheese :c)))

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Maryancilla...we are such kindred spirits! I don't care for pastries either and I had been off bread for so long that I didn't miss it. That was until a IGG food panel by declared gluten tolerable for me after over 10 years of avoiding it, and then I went out of control eating anything yeast-free but made with wheat...only to get myself back to the intolerant state again. :lol: So yeah, why even bother? I haven't had the tests done in years because my insurance no longer covered it (used to only cost me the $10 copay) and it is amazing how easy it is to develop an intolerance to even "harmless" foods like lettuce if you overdo it (hence the advice "all things in moderation" I guess) but I did feel better when I was avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy, yeast, etc. long before I ever had a food sensitivity test. So I am back to that way of eating.

You see, when I first started eating this way, it was because I chanced upon a booklet on candida and recognized a lot of the symptoms of systemic candidiasis including "leaky gut syndrome" were my norm. No test was done then. Just figured I had nothing to lose heeding the suggestion to change my diet and after thr "die-off" period--which I can describe had to be much like the withdrawal symptoms that drug addicts go through if they quit cold turkey (coz you get very ill before you get better)--all the digestive issues I had, a skin rash that seemed resistant to any cream I tried, severe hay fever, and eczema I had had for as long as I could remember...etc all cleared, and my energy went through the roof! What I didn't realize when I initially started this way of eating was that I was following a more alkaline-causing diet which if you think about it is anti-inflammatory. I didn't even know there was such a thing until a little over 10 years ago. Goes to show that eating right by any name is good for you. :D

So yeah, I do believe food can be as much a healer as a killer, and it is always nice "meet" others who get it and are on the same page as you. So it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Anyway, I am rambling now. Let me know how you like the goat cheese! :D
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Re: No to gluten, dairy, sugar etc, but yes to goat cheese :c)))

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Ahhh the die off period....I know that all too well! Also called Herxing for Lyme Disease-I guess when the critters die they release even more toxins and that causes all the symptoms to be even worse. I can't tell at this point the difference between die off of candida or mold toxicity or Lyme, but I do know I feel like crap even more than before because of it. So far my food restrictions haven't done anything in making me feel better but this stuff takes time, I know. It's inspiring to hear that you gained great energy from changing your diet! Yay!
I was just reading about how bee venom can be very helpful for some with Lyme-quite strange but also intriguing!

It's funny you mention we are kindred spirits and sisters from anotha mista :) This is the first forum I've ever posted on, but when I was first researching face exercises, I found you on another forum and loved your story and your articulate way of explaining things. I also came upon a random article against face exercises which had over 100 comments from readers, and you had the strongest well written argument for them. I think you even convinced the author to change her mind! Because of all this, I felt like you were an approachable person and I wrote you a private message on the forum asking about CFF I think...can't quite remember... and we got to talking a bit off topic, I think about our shared minimalist ways with either handbags or shoes, and we discovered then too what kindred spirits we are in all manners of things! Here it is again with diet :)

Haven't got to try the drunken cheese just yet... it's $77 on amazon and I meant to look for it at Whole Check but completely forgot when I was there last. I live in Torrance which is part of LA, so I'm sure if Whole Foods doesn't carry it, I can find it elsewhere. Can't wait to try it!
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