White diet...

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White diet...

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Usually, I don't do this cosmetic stuff! But after years of coffee consumption, I have a harsh stain on my lower teeth!
And that is how I finally said yes to dental whitening! I'm going to have my teeth whitening from Guelph, nearby cosmetic dentistry! Honestly, I hate dental works only because I think it is awkward opening my mouth all wide before some stranger.
I had a pre-procedure session today, the dietitian advised me to strictly follow a white diet for at least 48 hours after the procedure. She said I will get a detailed description after the treatment.
But I'm curious, I would like to know about the menu at the earliest.
I hope someone on this board might have an experience with teeth whitening, guys, what did you eat for two days?
I would like to have an overview of what can/can't I eat.
In anticipation of a reply!
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Re: White diet...

Post by Nonie »

Have you tried Google?
Tom Hagerty
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Re: White diet...

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I know you asked an entirely different question which I'm not qualified to answer. But here is an article about a "magic" fix to facial skin. Many of these new tricks that improve your teeth and skin actually do more harm than good.

Here is an informative article about dermarolling, and about how this process might hasten the aging of the face:

Introduction: What is Dermarolling?

Dermarolling (or microneedling) is a practice where a tool that has mini needles affixed to a roller is rolled across the face. The reason why people use derma-rollers is because they believe that this practice will increase collagen production, reduce acne scars, and otherwise improve the appearance of their skin.

The claims of dermarolling’s benefits have no basis in biology, and dermarolling is another skin care gimmick that does more harm than good.

How Dermarolling Depletes Collagen

Collagen is a delicate structural extracellular matrix protein that exists outside the cell in the extracellular space. Collagen breaks down over the natural course of aging, which is why wrinkle formation begins around middle age. Collagen degradation can also occur from chemical damage such as cigarette smoking and from mechanical damage.

Mechanical damage is any damage done to collagen as a result of a physical stressor. Examples of physical stressors include the degradation of knee collagen as a result of long distance running, skin scraping that results in a wound, and the puncturing of skin from needles.
How does collagen degradation from mechanical damage occur? To understand, we first need to define aging.

Aging is the accumulation of damage within a body or system. Aging occurs to things that are both living and inanimate, and anything made up of matter will age because matter contains moving parts. Damage occurs as a consequence of moving parts, and those moving parts exist all the way down to the atomic and subatomic levels.

Aging will not occur at absolute 0 (0K) because atomic movement ceases, but anything warmer and you will have damage, which over time manifests in the form of age.

The example I like to give to highlight the concept of aging is this:
The year is 1986. You found a T-shirt that you loved. In fact, you loved it so much that you bought two. Your rationale for buying two is, this shirt may be worth something 32 years, and if I wear the shirt often, it will inevitably show its age and it'll lose its value. You solve this dilemma by buying two shirts, one you wear, and one you don't.

So you wear one shirt, and keep the other in a safety deposit box at your local bank.
The year is now 2018, and both shirts have aged 32 years. One will look markedly different than the other. The one you wore every week is softer and faded from the breakdown of the cotton fibers and clothing dye, while the other looks just like the day you bought it. One underwent aging at a faster rate due to the accumulation of mechanical damage from the result of abrasion, washing, UV-breakdown, etc.

Mechanical damage occurs when you puncture your skin with a needle. The needle tears down the collagen fibers, causing degradation. Collagen, when broken down in a destructive manner such as with dermarolling can be replaced in youth, but as one ages, the ability of the body to make more collagen slows down and eventually stops.

If you are young and still making collagen (usually up to menopause in women and mid 40s for men), this is not a free pass to destroy the collagen you have because your body will make more. If your body has to make collagen because collagen was broken down and destroyed, you are going to deplete your body's ability to make collagen sooner, hence accelerating the aging process. The reason why collagen synthesis will cease sooner in those who dermaroll is because you are going to desensitize the receptors responsible for the signaling of collagen synthesis.
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