Sun damage to skin, any hope?

Discussions on what sun damage is and how to avoid it.
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Sun damage to skin, any hope?

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I have a few precancerous lesions on my face and neck. They cannot be seen after I apply my makeup but after I wash my face in the morning they are evident. Some of the topical medications my dermatologist recommends will make my skin look horrible for several months and I don't like this thought. Is there any new information on less drastic measures? How about phytonutrients like berries applied to the skin? Or anything?
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Re: Sun damage to skin, any hope?

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Hi Horsegirl:

I don't know much about sun damage, but I came across the article linked to below by Dr Carl Thornfeldt who is supposed to be quite knowledgeable in the field of dermatology and therefore skin cancer. The article discusses pre-malignant cells and may perhaps offer you some hope/advice on what is available to you. I have seen long discussions about Epionce, his system of products, that "strengthens your skin’s own mechanisms, helping to improve function, restore the barrier and reverse destructive skin inflammation" resulting "in a stronger healthier barrier that can help defy the effects of aging and disease" to give "you smoother, more radiant skin that functions at its optimum." ( I know very little about Epionce because I haven't read the discussions as I was not really looking for a new product line. Of course you should discuss anything you plan to do with your doctor to get his/her opinion/direction.

Anyway, here's the article: ... ancer.html and if you click at the link at the end of the articles to return to skin answers, you could get more information on skin and the sun.
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