Sleep lines and facial creases question

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Sleep lines and facial creases question

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Hi, I noticed I am developing a couple face creases from when I sleep and wake up. A couple don't go away. I know about laying on your back and avoid laying on your sides but is there anything else I can do to help those or reduce them? Thanks in advance
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Re: Sleep lines and facial creases question

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Here are some ideas about sleeping positions which may or may not be true. Wrinkles might be caused by the loss of collagen in the skin. This has a negative effect on the skin's volume. Also facial muscle contraction when you smile or frown may cause these same wrinkles because of collagen and elastin breakdown. I've also read that sleeping on your stomach causes fluid to pool in your face. This causes puffiness and wrinkles - unattractive lines.

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All these things sound plausible but I wonder if they are true. I don't want to give crazy advice just in case these warning are to some extent true. I continue to sleep on my stomach without seeing any of these negative effects though. I also am not afraid to smile when I'm talking to a woman or to frown when I hear total nonsense from any source.

You asked, "but is there anything else I can do to help those or reduce them?"

By "them" of course you mean face creases. My advice is to do a program of facial exercises a few days a week, eat nutritious foods, maintain a correct body weight, and stay out of the sun.
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