Discussions on how to maintain or perhaps even regain healthy skin.
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Hi Tom,

First, I'd like to thank you for your fantastic site. You're a true inspiration. Thanks.

I was wondering though, is it possible for a woman to look as good as you do at your age? Assuming she stays out of the sun, does facial exercises, moisturizes her skin, eats the right foods...

From what I've read, menopause wrecks havoc on the skin, what with the significant decrease in collagen production, decrease in skin elasticity, etc. Is there any way to combat that or are women fighting a losing battle after around 50? Hormone therapy and supplements are really only for the worst case scenarios and may not even be safe, but those are the only "solutions" I've found. I'm guessing there's not much you can do about hormonal aging. If you or anyone at all could share any knowledge on this topic, I would be most grateful.

Thank you,

Cupcake :D
Tom Hagerty
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Re: Menopause

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is it possible for a woman to look as good as you do at your age?

In The Big Sleep, a young girl asks Humphrey Bogart if he has a brother. Then she asks him, "Is he as cute are your are?"
Bogart replies, "Nobody is."
are women fighting a losing battle after around 50?
When I go ballroom dancing I see many women who are beyond 50 years old and who still look gorgeous. Of course the lights in ballrooms are dim. But to answer your question, I don't think it's a losing battle. If you keep trim, stay out of the sun, eat nutritious food, and do some facial exercise, you'll continue to look attractive. Of course you don't want to have long-term psychological stress messing up your days and nights. That takes a major toll on the face and the body.

Take a look at Marylou Metzger, the host of the Lawrence Welk Show on PBS. She's 65 but looks ready for a new romance. I wonder what her secret is. My mom used to listen to a soap opera, Helen Trent, that started out with the question: Can a woman find romance after the age of 35? I wish I had a supplement to sell that would keep you young and beautiful. I'm working on it. ☺

You call yourself cupcake. Here's a definition I found: A cupcake is a person who from outward appearance you would assume is tough, but on the inside she is soft.
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Re: Menopause

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There are examples of women past menopause who have managed to regain or maintain youthful looks with face exercises. They probably also do the things you are already considering or doing (hormone therapies/supplements), but clearly they have managed to ride the storms of menopause and come out on the other side looking good.

Eva Fraser is an example. She is in her 80's in this video:

Eva didn't start face exercises until her 50's but as you can see, she has managed to keep herself looking pretty good. In this article from a few years ago, Eva says HRT made her feel ill so she didn't use it. Yet look how good she looks!

Carolyn Cleaves in another example of someone who is in her 60's yet does not look her age thanks to face exercises. You can see her segment starting from the 0:31 mark in this video: ... w-language

Like Eva, Carolyn didn't start face exercises until her 50's. Not only did she have saggy cheeks and bags under her eyes by that time (pic), but her jowls started to show at the age of 46. Yet now she has no signs of those aging features as seen in that latest video.

Oleda Baker is another example of what a healthy lifestyle and face exercises can accomplish. She had work done on her eyes in her 30's but otherwise face exercises are why she looks this good: ... 92544.html

Unlike the other two, Oleda started to fight the signs of aging by following a healthy lifestyle and doing face exercises in her twenties, IIRC. And you can see that has paid off because she seems to look almost the same as she did in her 30's while now in her late 70's. Oleda's Facebook page is really interesting as she has links to videos and lots of photos:

Tonya Zavasta is another example of a woman past the age of 50 who has managed to fight the signs of aging with a raw diet and face exercises:

Another person in her 50's who is getting great results with face exercises is Elaine Bartlett. She started her face exercise program at the age of 45 and now at 52 she looks so much better. Seeing the photos side by side I think shows you the improvements that face exercises have made to her:

Image Image

You would expect someone to look older in 7 years yet Elaine's jowls have lifted giving her a better jawline and she looks fresher and less tired.

Last but not least, take a look at this adorable 93 year old lady who does face exercises :)

So my theory is, you are better off doing face exercises than not. What have you got to lose?
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Re: Menopause

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Wow, thank you Nonie for these amazing and inspirational examples of women past menopause who look absolutely amazing!! I knew of a few of them, but there are several more I had never seen. Definitely encouraging!
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