Since you're here, why not share?

Discussions on how to maintain or perhaps even regain healthy skin.
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Since you're here, why not share?

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Okay, you've tried a lot of products and techniques, and I'm sure you could help others with your experiences. It only takes a few minutes to write a post and I know I would appreciate hearing from you. Let's all save some time (not to mention money) by sharing? I know there are plenty of other forums on skin care, but I'm more interested in hearing from people who are members of this forum because I think you are wiser after trying many products and doing your research.

Facial exercises are great, but skin care is also very important. I know there are different issues at different times in our lives, so skin care changes. There have been some actual advances in skin care science, as well, and I like to separate the hype from the factual. I look for skin care research using real people (in vivo) clinical testing, not just consumer surveys or test tube (in vitro) tests. However, I do like to see real customer reviews and ratings for products.

Fortunately for me, I found this website in my search for better skin. You may have ended up here because of the same concerns I have. I would love to hear about your results from the facial exercises. Hopefully, I will be encouraged by additional reports of progress. Thanks in advance to those of you who reply ;) .
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