questions about exercise 3 and 4

Discussions on how to do facial exercises and what these exercises might accomplish.
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Re: questions about exercise 3 and 4

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I think keeping lean and doing facial exercise is indeed a winning combo. You'll feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and this will in turn give you more self-confidence.

When you're doing exercise three for the chin you keep the head high. There's no need to move the head. I think it's helpful occasionally to place your fingers over your chin muscle when you do the exercise. This gives a little resistance to the mentalis muscle.

I do a lot of repetitions of exercise four, the one for the muscles at the front of the neck (the platysma and the sternomastoid muscles). I usually do three or four sets of 25 reps and I do them at least several times a week. These exercises will not bulk up the neck. I think exercise four is effective for keeping the jawline well-defined and the front of the neck from becoming sloppy.
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