zygomaticus muscle dent? fat separation?

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zygomaticus muscle dent? fat separation?

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Hi Tom.

Will you please suggest an exercise that might improve the age-related change that has occurred above my upper lip?

Around July 2018, I bought your cd, exchanged emails with you, and posted the question that I'm about to ask you on your website. Please permit me to repeat the question, as I missed an answer. Perhaps there is no exercise suitable to my issue.

Above my upper lip, and inside the corners, are 2 symmetrical shallow dents or indentions. They do not show up on 2 dimensional photos, but in person, you would be able to see them. They are not wrinkles, and are not part of my nasolabial folds, they look like shallow shadows. They are symmetrical and age related. I have to assume that either muscles inserting to my mouth separated or fat shifted.

In person, it reminds me of the milk mustache or koolaid mustache that I would get as a child drinking out of a glass. Except that I drink out of a straw, so these marks have nothing to do with indentions from a glass, but that would be the best way that I could describe them. They look as if I mashed a cylinder against my mouth, except that the dents only showed up towards my mouth corners.

Will you please, please suggest a few exercises for my issue?

Thank you!!!
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