Is fat grafting a good option?

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Is fat grafting a good option?

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I wanted to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure that restored fullness to my face and made me look younger. However, the notion of a fat transfer freaked me out. At 51, I am still very afraid of needles and have a strong aversion to pain. I am planning for fat grafting to treat my laugh lines, crows feet and the deepening circles under my eyes but the fear of pain is stopping me. I just wanted to know how much pain will I have to suffer? and is this surgery effective? In how much days will I get to see my results?
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Re: Is fat grafting a good option?

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I'm not an expert in the procedures that plastic surgeons perform to make your face look better. As your surgeon will tell you, though, even with the best of surgical outcomes the positive results will not be permanent. There can be fad pad herniation - the grafted fatty tissue may slide down because of the force of gravity; or the grafted fatty tissue may become smaller in time because of metabolic factors.

Here is what the surgeon you linked to says, " Fat grafting does not always result in complete ‘take’, but provided fat cells are gently removed from donor sites, survival of fat grafts can be anticipated."

"survival of fat grafts can be anticipated." What does this mean? How long is the survival?

But you don't like pain or the insertion of needles into your face. Of course there will be both but a skillful surgeon will see that your pain is minimized.
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