Bad facial posture - what is it?

Discussions on how to do facial exercises and what these exercises might accomplish.
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Bad facial posture - what is it?

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I recently read that one's usual facial expressions if they are positive, like smiling, are associated with a positive, happy, mood. I guess that this would imply that a customary frown or a down turned mouth would be associated with a darker mood. You often mention "facial posture" in your writing. What exactly do you mean by this? How is it related to one's body posture - like a slouching position? Are the two related in any way?
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Re: Bad facial posture - what is it?

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I use facial posture in some of the topics I write about but it's a term that I really can't define. I've never been asked to define it before. A person's usual facial expression or facial display might mean about the same thing. I guess I use the term to mean the way a person characteristically holds the face - in a frown, in a smile, in a blank stare. And as a person gets older this patterned way of holding the face becomes more set, more etched in stone.

Most people have probably heard the story about the reason why President Lincoln would not appoint a person to a particular office. He said, "I don't like his face." When someone said that the man cannot help how he looked, Lincoln said, "Every man after the age of 40 is responsible for his face."

Faces do remodel throughout a lifetime. Sour, tight people like Ebenezer Scrooge have tight, sour faces; happy, giving people like Forrest Gump have happy, giving faces.
Not a happy man
Not a happy man
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A nice guy
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Of course this simple statement is not always true. I can think of many exceptions. But I do think that one's usual mood determines to a large extent one's facial expression.

All of the above are just random thoughts. Here are some things that can be done to actually make one's "facial posture" better:

1. Make it a habit to keeps the lips sealed together unless of course you are eating or talking. "Lip incontinence" makes a person look dumb.

2. Don't habitually breathe through the mouth. This remodels the face in the wrong way. Breathe through the nose. This is best for an optimal airway - a good breathing capacity.

3. Keep your head held high. Don't tilt it forward or to the side. This helps in keeping your neck and jawline trim.

But don't just stop at the neckline. You certainly don't want slumping shoulders or a crooked spine either (or a big belly). Facial posture and body posture converge.
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