lower face and neck HELP!

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lower face and neck HELP!

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Hi Tom,

I'm a customer of Carolyn's facial fitness. I love her and her exercise programs. But one area I cannot seem to firm up is the lower jowls and neck area. They are much better after doing CFF, and I've been doing all of them for over 10 years. But this area is still hard to firm up.
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I have those two little pouches on either side of my chin and of course the neck sag. When I pull those pouches up a bit, the neck sag goes away.

Do you think your workout could help? Carolyn raves about your facial workout program, so I'm thinking maybe I need to mix it up and try a different workout for this area.

I just turned 62, but my face and neck look WAY better now than when I was 52. Still, I'm hoping for more improvement. I'd love to be able to put my hair up in a ponytail again and not feel self-conscience about my jowl/under chin/neck area.

Thanks for help,
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