Finger position Exercise 1

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Finger position Exercise 1

Post by Fred » Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:52 am

Dear Forum,

I have been doing Exercise 4 (muscles at the front of the neck) one year and Exercise 5 (scalp muscles) for much longer than that.

Recently I started doing Excercise 1. I really enjoy it, as described by Tom, exercising this when I wake up in bed. It also seems to smooth out the area around the eyes.

I have one question though, which is about how important the position of the fingers is. Being 38 years old I noticed something that is beginning to look like a wrinkle (not Christmas) on the sides of the eyes. My question is, would it negatively alter the efficiency of this delicate exercise if you reposition the index finger a bit up on the sides of the eyes, for extra resistance here and also to mitigate formation of crows feet.

I tried to show what I mean it in this image I attached, if you imagine the middle fingers here representing the position of my index finger.

I hope this is somewhat clear! :)

Excercise-1.png (19.7 KiB) Viewed 868 times

Tom Hagerty
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Re: Finger position Exercise 1

Post by Tom Hagerty » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:34 am

Fred, I'm glad brought up the subject of finger placement in the exercise for the muscles around the eyes. I do the exercise with different finger placements almost every time. Usually I use three fingers but sometimes I use only two fingers when I place them at the sides of my eyes.

Even fingers in this position.jpg
Fingers completely at the side of the eyes
Even fingers in this position.jpg (6.74 KiB) Viewed 857 times
In my description of this exercise on the DVD I suggested just one way of optimum finger place. I should have said there are multiple ways to place the fingers and that varying the positions is good practice. But you determined this for yourself without my input.

I think that once the orbicularis occuli (orbital) muscles and the palbebral (eyelid) muscles are toned up they will naturally become relaxed when not contracted. Facial muscles that are not in good shape tend to stay partially contracted all the time. This can lead to crow's feet and horizontal lines between the eyebrows. You'll find that when your facial muscles are toned up they will stay relaxed unless you want to want to show the myriad forms of facial expression. But the whole range of facial expression is best served by muscles that are not in a continuous state of contraction.

Frontalis muscle always contracted
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