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Facial posture, body posture, and aging

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:47 pm
by Kate
I often see facial posture used in these forums. I know or think I know what is meant by this. It can be good, like a positive expression and even a smile when it is appropriate. Or it can be bad, like a grouchy look or a continual frown. Being around people with bad facial postures is a real downer. It drags me down and puts me in a pessimistic mood. But being around people with bright faces and alert expressions puts me in a positive mood and seems to give me energy to participate in the conversation.

Even though facial expression is perhaps a subconscious behavior, I think women, at least grown-up women, are more in tune with the underlying emotions or mood that is created by smiles or frowns. In other words I think that women are pretty good at interpreting what facial cues mean.

Good body posture is important too though. When I find myself slouching I probably use more negative words and communicate negative emotions. When I straighten up, say after a good workout at the gym, I'm in a better mood and have higher self-esteem. I'm sure that all these positive emotions are communicated to the people around me.

Keeping a good facial and body posture might be an anti-aging strategy too. The older people I see and am friends with are often in varying degrees of sad face and slouching over. This tends to bring me down too but I try to stay out of the downward spiral if I can.

Re: Facial posture, body posture, and aging

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:26 am
by Tom Hagerty
Smiles make people happy, both the person who smiles and the person smiled at. It's especially enjoyable to see children smile as they play. But smiles at inappropriate times are jarring. Why do women news presenters always feel the need to smile even when the news is horrible. Of course it's neat to show off perfect white teeth. Everyone likes to see fantastic teeth. But sometimes enough is enough.

Women politicians often feel this need to show off their white teeth too even when the political circumstances are dire. It makes them look like lightweights.