Stem cell nutrition

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Stem cell nutrition

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There are cosmetic products being advertised that use stem cells as the selling point. One supplement product says that the stuff in the capsule stimulates the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. These stem cells then may land in the skin and refresh it. Some of the testimonials hint of fast results - healthy, younger-looking skin. What do you think of these claims? Should I get my hopes up?
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Re: Stem cell nutrition

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I asked Dr. Todorov about this. Here is his answer: "The rationale for this approach is not entirely groundless but is is not clear that it is is likely to work either. Stem cells are mobilized from bone marrow in response to injury (triggered by growth factors released from the site of injury), and then they migrate to the site of injury. If there is no injury but simply tissue aging, stem cell may not go into the tissues, or not remain/get activated there, even if more of them are circulating. Anyway, unless there are clinical studies supporting this approach and these particular products (and I haven't seen any), there is not much to talk about."

Dr. Todorov's website is Smart Skin Care. It's the most informative site I've found for skin care and associated issues.
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