Neti Pot helps entire eye area

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Neti Pot helps entire eye area

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In my experience, allergies resulting in stuffy nose and sinuses has been one of the major causes of eye puffiness, drooping upper eye skin, and dark circles. And when the puffiness goes down dark circles remain along with crinkly skin and wrinkles. Antihistimines may reduce stuffiness temporarily, but they dehydrate your skin leading to more wrinkles. This vicious cycle of puffiness, then drainage and shrinkage really does speed up aging around my eyes speeding up wrinkle formation. Just look at the eye area of any allergy sufferer and you'll probably agree. In fact, that allergy sufferer might be you :shock:

Then I learned about the Neti Pot for cleansing the nose and sinuses from watching an episode of the Dr. Oz Show. Now mind you, I don't always trust everything Dr. Oz recommends, but his explanation and pictures of how the Neti Pot works sounded like something that might help me. So, I went to my local health food store and talked to the owner and she also recommended it and said she uses one, herself.

I now use my Neti Pot whenever I have nasal or sinus congestion.
This natural method works better than antihistimines, has prevented sinus infections, speeded healing of common colds, and stopped the yo-yo syndrome of eye puffiness followed by eye area drainage and that hollow eyed look I used to get when the puffiness subsided. I highly recommend the Neti Pot. There are fancy ceramic and porceline ones that cost a lot, but I just bought the cheap plastic one and it works great.

You can also purchase Neti salt to make the saline solution. You only need 1/4 teaspoon per pot, so a jar of this salt lasts a very long time. Test the water for warmth on your wrist so it won't be too hot or too cold.
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