Sagging of the face!

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Sagging of the face!

Post by Lindzzz »

Hey, my mom lost two of her molars.It has been two years, she was doing fine. But now she has visible sagging on her face. I guess tooth extractions caused this facial change.
I have done a bit of online reading and found dental implants might help her at this point. Mom's friend has suggested a clinic in Oakville for the same. She is in her late 40's, so I just want to confirm that this is fine to do at this age! I know it is mild riskier surgery, but not sure about the recovery period and the pain and suffering after the surgery.
If you have any recent experience in having a tooth implant,please share your thoughts.
Many thanks!
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Re: Sagging of the face!

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Hi Lindzzz:

I have a friend who had two dental implants in her mid-fifties and did just fine. Also, a former boss who had to be in his sixties got his entire set replaced with implants. I was so jealous of his new pearly whites and told him I wish I could afford such a makeover. He told me to take care of the teeth I have because he would not wish what he had to do on anyone. So it seems that the procedure was not pleasant but he did not have any negative after-effects and healed nicely. He was not even out of work for more days than just the single days he had dental visits. I do not remember a downtime that was more than a few hours or a day at time, and I was in charge of keeping track of time off. My friend in her mid-fifties has always been terrified of dentists so she made the procedure seem more scary than my boss did. We had to accompany her just to the hospital where she had it done, just to keep her calm. IIRC, she had to go back for an adjustment as she complained of some pain, but otherwise the final fix healed nicely and she is glad she did it.

Like my suggestion about cosmetic surgery, I say is one place where you may find former patients of the procedure and get direct answers to any questions you may have. If you join the site, you can privately message patients of the procedure to learn more. Here is a page on the site that may answer some of your questions.

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