Excited about my treatment result

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Excited about my treatment result

Post by Lindzzz » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:23 am

Hey, I've got a tiny bit of Juvederm done yesterday on my smile lines. I loved the results! I'm likely to continue the treatments in longterm. I can manage to extend my treatment to the next 30-40 years or so if I look like this without wrinkles. I hope the Juvederm treatment is quite efficient to prevent wrinkles and wear-and-tear of the jaws!
A week ago, I got botox done(from Toronto) on my jaw to thin & help with my TMJ and grinding.I've done a bit of online reading. I see many people are doing this now. And I'd like to hear from people who had botox done and using fillers for years! I'm just wondering if people on this board can help with answering my queries. Like is there any problem with your skin due to the perpetual use of these products?
I'd love to hear your stories.
Excited about my result

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