What went wrong and what can I do :(

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What went wrong and what can I do :(

Postby Stella » Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:15 am

I am trying to make this as short as possible (its hard lol)

I am 37 years old, single, no kids. I always had beautiful skin,no pimples nothing. I did get some sun when I was younger, it was my hobby staying in the sun and getting a tan.
I always had some forehead wrinkles and they always bothered me. with a lot of moisturiser you could hardly see them, so I avoided foundation...it would sink right in! Luckily I didnt need it anyways.
Fast forward 9 years ago..went travelling, almost 3 years...maybe I neglected a bit my skin. Back home with some AHAs (first time I had done something on my face) my lines and complexion got better. Broke up with my ex.....I created the number elevens that I never had (possible with too much worry, frowning, crying etc). They re still there....

I always had a plump face, not fat, I am a very fit person, I used to go to the gym four times a week, and, whilst travelling, though I had to stop gym, I realised that even with just the walking to and from one place to another...any walking helped me stay fit, and slim. I was happy. My face always plump.
My sister has severe nasolabial folds. when I look in the mirror, although I am always complaining about my forehead wrinkles...I look down around my mouth area...and realise how lucky I am...My mouth is plump..although my cheek bones are not high (I have a bit of a square face, meaning heavy jaw, but since I have plump skin and plump mouth...my face looks round and proportioned). I always liked the way my face looked...I thought I will never get those nasolabial folds...I was also mostly on a high protein diet, not much pasta or rice, but I get my carbs from fruits and veg. I snack every two hours or so, and its always mostly a can of tuna, ricotta, anything healthy. Lots and lots of boiled veggies that I used to take to work together with some protein.

Last year round May, as soon as I hit 37 (unbeleivable!!!) my face lost some of its fat. I always follow some kind of diet...so I decided to go vegetarian and see how I go...I always got my protein from chicken and mostly fish I never really liked red meat...
I was doing this while I was busy working 18 hour days (I had changed my job the last four years and I work in hospitality sometimes in different countries and climates). I lasted two months cos I was losing quite a lot of weight...mostly from my face. Maybe I was tired too.
I was a vegetarian for two months...I didnt want to start eating meat again...but I noticed how my face dropped....and became squarish...that I HAD to start eating some meat. Now I eat everything, I am on holiday for two months to visit my family, I am NOT attending any gym, and to my astonishment I havent been this skinny for years! LOL I am happy with my body, I think I lost muscle, so all that training and running in the past, instead of losing weight , I gained, but muscle. Obviously I never realised WHY, until now.

What is really bothering me NOW is my face...I have created these nasolabial folds, the apple of my cheeks are not there anymore, all I can see is my jaw...and obviously my face is a bit squarish (not a bit... a lot). Coming back home to see family and friends, everybody said the same thing...you lost weight. They all said wow how lucky you got the perfect body. But when I see my face in the mirror I am not happy anymore. I now eat everything...so as to try to gain some fat on my face...but to no avail.

I had done some facial exercise. I started with the tanaka massage...its very easy. After a while I had to stop as I noticed I started to get hollows under my cheekbones.
I had bought a Nuface...to try to lift my face up. It does work, but since I have not much fat left, I am 'killing' the little that I have so my face started to become more gaunt. I like to use it on my forehead, the lines seem less visible that way.

This week I had found some exercises where I open and close my mouth...it was working or so I thought. By the third day I noticed that my face looked sooo tired and worked out... that it looked more droopy...

My only hope now is the Lightstim....I have seen pics of a friend in her 50's, nothing worked for her too...until she started using this lightstim and fim mineral lamp...I travel a lot so the lamp is out of the questions....but the lightstim plumped her face...she sent me pics and I couldnt beleive what i saw!!!

I have become sceptic about everything. I wish I can post some pics.

My question is...if I dont have much fat left on my face....will the exercises work for me? At least for the nasolabials....
Everytime I try something...i seem to be overworking my face, and it becomes gaunt, and drops...
I might want to build muscle, but is that possible?
Shall I then eat some fat for a few weeks and see what happens to fatten my face??

Then someone said I might be allergic to milk or wheat...i tried to cut them but the nasolabial folds were still there...maybe they were less obvious, but not sure about that...

Am I doing something wrong with the exercises? I really wish I can follow this program...but am I doing something wrong and shall i NOT do them everyday??

Really look forward for a reply....

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Re: What went wrong and what can I do :(

Postby Tom Hagerty » Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:08 pm

I have created these nasolabial folds, the apple of my cheeks are not there anymore

The nasolabial lines will always be there - they are part of your facial anatomy. It's much easier to keep them shallow, though, then to reduce a heavy nasolabial fold. I think Exercise Two that I describe on my website, not only keeps the mouth muscles in good shape, but it also firms up all the muscles around the mouth. This is the area from the nose to the chin. When this area is firmed up and tight, the heavy lines that extent from the nose to the corners of the mouth remain hardly visible. Also the marionette lines that extend from the corners of the mouth down towards the chin often fade away.

But, sorry to say, this is not always the case. Some people, usually men (and your sister), have a strong genetic predisposition to develop these lines. Facial exercise well-executed might ease the depth of the lines. No guarantee though.

I always had some forehead wrinkles and they always bothered me.

You also have what you call "number elevens" - those vertical lines between the eyebrows. If you can do Exercise Five, the scalp exercise, you can probably get rid of these lines that make a person look older than their chronological age. Gaining control of the occipitallis muscles at the back of the head is a real challenge though. But if you have the determination and the persistence, you will eventually be able to contract these stubborn muscles. And I suggest just working on these muscles till you are able to get a strong contraction. Don't do the alternating contraction of the frontalis and occipitalis muscles till you master the occipitalis.

I have no reservations about this exercise. I've seen this exercise erase horizontal and vertical lines in the forehead. In the early stages of doing the exercise, however, the lines sometimes get a little deeper, but then they almost vanish. Once you go through the difficult stage of learning the exercise, it becomes easy. People who write emails to me like this exercise and what it has done for them.

You're 37. That's a great age - anything can happen. But at that age I would certainly start doing Exercise Four for the muscles at the front of the neck. Once the platysma muscle goes loose, you can't tighten it up again. Exercise Four will keep that muscle, the sternomastoid, and other small muscles in great shape. These are the muscles that give your jawline a defined look - the look of a woman who will have many adventures.
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Re: What went wrong and what can I do :(

Postby Stella » Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:50 pm

I already have had many adventures, and boy do I ever stop ! LOL.
I would like to send you a few pics...I completely lost my apple cheeks ...so no wonder i can see these folds around my mouth now...
And I do have a heavy jaw....so now my face looks soo square, more than ever...whereas before, since I had a full face, my face looked round..

I will definately get the exercises going...would you recommend doing them every day or every other day?
Do you really thing its age, or was it a bad diet.
When I was a vegetarian for those two months...I also cut the gluten for 4 days of the week out of 7...
but I was never starving, I ate a lot of fish.

Also do you recommend adding food, like protein, or mainly carbs?

Thank you so much for taking the time.
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Re: What went wrong and what can I do :(

Postby Tom Hagerty » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:02 pm

Thanks for sending me your photos. You look good even in the photo in which you wear no makeup. Your skin is healthy. But you do have some nasolabial lines forming, and also some hooding of the upper eyelids, and shallow vertical lines beween your eyebrows. I think that correct facial exercise three times a week might improve your appearance. It will at least keep you in a maintenance mode.

In your email to me you mentioned taking collagen tablets, omega-3, vitamin C, MSM, and pycnogenol. I'm skeptical about taking most supplements. I much prefer getting my nutrients from real food. But after saying all that, I still take some supplements: brewer's yeast powder, cod liver oil, the vitamin E complex with tocotrienol, sea kelp, and vitamin D3. I may also start taking pycnogenol. Of course I'm probably deluded about the good these supplements are doing.

You wrote that you are having less drama in your life now. That's not good. A lot of drama gives expression to your face and keeps you young. I know people without any drama in their lives. They are drying up and turning to dust.
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Re: What went wrong and what can I do :(

Postby Stella » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:45 pm

Thank you once again for both posts...
Maybe I should have some more drama in my life then lol. But then again, thats how I got those vertical lines, they appeared overnight.
I am glad to start doing the exercises, maybe like you said three times a week. I know if do them everyday my face would appear really really tired.
In the last pic I sent you my nasolabial look worse than now...I was doing some 'tanaka'massage, twice a day every day...until someone told me to stop and give my face a rest...I was making them look worse.

Why in your opinion do we lose the fullness in our face? What can make our face full again, fat??
You could easily see from the pictures. My weight stayed the same, I weigh between 45 to 47 kgs...yet there is a huge change in my facial structure....again it could be bad diet...or simply it was meant to happen.

Thank you
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Re: What went wrong and what can I do :(

Postby Sarah » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:19 pm

This is a really interesting post, I am only 23 but I think I might be in your position when i'm older as my face has lost some of the fat it used to have when I was about 19, and I'm worried what it'll look like in the future....im doing exercise 5 and the cheek smile exercise too, hoping it will help.
I dont know, but maybe it's the elasticity of our skin that is the problem? Or collagen depletion?
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