The Facial Map

I don't think this graphic looks too intimidating. If I had left in the names of all 46 facial muscles, though, it would have been overwhelming. In the pages that follow I'll be discussing these listed muscles as well as a few less important muscles. I'll also be showing you how to gain control of these muscles, and muscle groups, and how to tone them up.

Facial exercise when it's done right shortens out-of-shape muscles. This makes them more firm and taut. It also helps to get rid of any loose fat around the muscles.

I know it seems paradoxical but facial exercise also releases tensions that are frozen into some facial muscles, especially around the mouth and eyes. These tensions often embarrass women who develop the RBF - the Resting Bitch Face look. This, in turn, makes them want to keep smiling so as not to be accused of looking mean. Men of course can look as mean as they want because this will be interpreted as power and authority. Generals of all nations often have crooked mouths.

General Pinochet

General Pinochet of Chile died with a crooked mouth.

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