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What I'm going to show you on the following pages is a personal exploration of facial exercises, but this does not mean that the exploration is eccentric or whimsical. I've studied the anatomy and physiology of the face in depth. I know what works to keep the face looking young and healthy.

The purpose of the exercises is to develop a pleasing facial expression; they will not distort the face in any way. The exercises if done at least a few times a week, ten to fifteen minutes a session, will give a natural and permanent lifting of the muscles and skin of the face - things that give a person confidence after a morning look in the mirror.

The workout consisting of five exercises is a natural, non-invasive program for improving the face and the front of the neck, which includes the jawline.

Facial Exercises - Introduction

I'm going to show you five exercises for the muscles of the face and neck. These few exercises if they are done correctly several days a week will greatly improve the look and expressiveness of your face. Improvement will usually take some time though - months, not days. Some areas of the face respond faster than others. For example, the area under the eyes responds a lot faster than the area at the front of the neck.    

Unlike the skeletal muscles of the body, the facial muscles are directly attached to the skin that covers them. (They are also attached to other facial muscles and to bone.) When these facial muscles start to lose their tone and elasticity because of age and gravity, the skin that is attached to them starts to sag. This of course gives the look you don't want to see reflected back to you in the bathroom mirror.

But these exercises are not for men and women whose idea of self-improvement is to pop a multivitamin pill or to inject Botox into the muscles of the forehead. The facial exercise program that I advocate will require some dedication, some persistence and, I'm almost reluctant to say it, some work. You'll get results from the program though. You'll like what you see in the mirror after even several months. 

Before I show you the exercises, I'd like you to study the anatomy of the face, neck, and head. This greatly simplified course in facial anatomy will show you exactly the areas the exercises will focus on.

A Testimonial from Rosita:

I must really thank you Tom, it is amazing what these exercises did! After only a few days I started to see the difference myself, and now after 3 months the "bags" under the eyes have disappeared almost 100%, so have the sad lines around the mouth and the dropping corners. Also from pictures I can see it although this is hard, there are always flattering pics and pics where you look horrible (depending on the light as you said). Many people have noticed a difference (without knowing about the exercises), the most common comment is that I look very relaxed. I am waiting to see whether ex. 5 has the effect on my hair (hope so!!) but as I understood I have to be a bit patient with this one. Still not sure that I do ex.5 rightly, but hope for the best.


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